Volunteering for Cornerstone Hospice

Caring, compassionate people are needed to assist Hospice patients and their loved ones. Do you have two to four hours a week to help a neighbor?


Hospice volunteers are a vital part of our entire organization, and play an active role in helping to provide the many special comfort and support services that distinguish Hospice care.


Things to know before you apply:

In order to ensure the highest quality of care for patients and families, there are state and federal regulations that mandate special requirements for hospice volunteers. We ask the following from anyone interested in volunteering:


  • Attendance at all training sessions mandated for the type of volunteer work you want to do
  • Completion of an interview and service placement meeting
  • A commitment to volunteer for at least one year
  • Completion of a fingerprint background check
  • Completion of a two-step tuberculosis screening for volunteers who will work with patients


Cornerstone Hospice has a wide variety of volunteer programs.

Some of our very special volunteer opportunities are:


Patients and Families Volunteer

Volunteers provide companionship for the patient and relief for the caregiver. They listen and provide comfort and assurance through their presence and personal caring. 


Hospice House Volunteer

Hospice House VolunteersThe Hospice House Volunteer provides volunteer services to patients and staff at a Hospice House for 4 hours a week. Job roles include cooking, serving and greeting.

Cornerstone SALUTES!

Cornerstone Hospice celebrates the service of our veteran patients through the ‘Cornerstone SALUTES!’ Program. A tailor-made Pinning Ceremony is conducted for our veteran patients, and their family, by a veteran member of our staff or a veteran volunteer. Each veteran is presented with a special pin and a Certificate of Appreciation.


Up Close and Personal with a Cornerstone Volunteer: Wayne Smith

There are many different reasons people become a hospice volunteer. Wayne Smith thought he knew his, but quickly found out there was more.

“When I first started volunteering,” he says, “I was helping other veterans in the community. I thought it was to help other people. But I quickly found out the person I helped out the most was me. Cornerstone keeps me in touch with veterans and their families. I studied social work a while back and I like that I’m able to put a lot of what I studied into practice.

“I do a lot of different things: provide respite care, companionship and comfort for hospice patients; participate in the “We Honor Veterans” program by performing Cornerstone SALUTES! ceremonies for veterans of all ages; assist in public forums; and provide services in more intimate private settings helping with ceremonies that honor veterans and their families. We honor veteran hospice patients by recognizing their commitment to their country and addressing their unique needs at the end of life. I also set up displays to distribute marketing materials at health fairs and community outreach events. By doing those things, I hope to educate the community about services Cornerstone provides and recruit new volunteers.”

People wonder about the challenges volunteers face. Aside from the time and energy commitments, Wayne says his biggest challenge is not being able to do more.

“One of my biggest challenges is that I think sometimes I care too much and there are limits to what I can do for the people I meet,” he says.

He also has specific challenges.

“I need to have a good GPS,” he says. “Even though the coordinators do provide detailed directions, when I encounter construction I can get turned around.”

Volunteers need compassionate hearts and an urge to serve people. But what are some other handy skills? “Volunteers need good listening skills and the ability to keep an open mind especially when faced with new experiences,” Wayne says. “Most important, be flexible!”


Life Reviews

Through our Life Review Program, a patient can record a life story, series of stories, or other legacy information they want to share with their loved ones. Life Review volunteers are trained to assist patients with the recording of their audio stories. This audio recording is then transferred onto a CD and given to the appropriate family member.


Office Aid Volunteers

Office Aid VolunteerOffice Aid volunteers assist our staff in a wide range of important duties including data entry, filing, copying, mailings, clerical duties and more.

Community Event Volunteers

The Community Events Volunteers support our staff with coordinating special events such as assisting with special events at facilities, working with our Foundation on fundraising events, and so much more.


Life Enrichment Volunteers

GabbyThe Life Enrichment Volunteers cover a wide variety of services to our patients which range from pet therapy, art therapy, massage therapy, and more. If you sing, play an instrument, paint, enjoy arts and crafts, or are a magician or clown~ we can put your talents to good use!



Our Cornerstone Ambassadors provide support during outreach and marketing activities such as health fairs and community events, by being a representative of Cornerstone Hospice, and educating the community about services provided by our organization.


Bereavement / Telephone Assurance Program (Tap)

Our Bereavement Volunteers assist with grief support groups, and provide bereavement support to our patients and families. Our TAP Volunteers provide phone support to assigned Hospice bereaved loved ones as directed by the Bereavement Counselor.


Transportation Volunteers

Our Transportation Volunteers provide transportation support to patients, caregivers, and families on an as needed basis.


Bilingual Volunteers

Bilingual Volunteers are a necessity in our area, as we are centered in a melting pot of cultures. Whether the translation is needed for a patient or family member, the need for bilingual volunteers is great. Some recent translation requests have been Dutch, French, French/Creole


Pet Peace of Mind Program

Peace of Mind Pet ProgramPet Peace of Mind is a volunteer based program designed to help keep our patients and their pets together for as long as possible.  Trained volunteers can assist by walking dogs, providing waste management, transporting pets to veterinary appointments or to visit their owner in a facility.



Bear In Mind Program

Bear in Mind ProgramIf you love to sew, Bear in Mind is a wonderful and rewarding project to be involved in. Each bear is unique and custom made with the individual patient in mind. Each is constructed completely out of memory material (garments, ties, accessories) provided by the family for their special bear.


Youth Volunteers

Youth VolunteersTeens, ages 14 – 18, can provide companionship and encouragement to our patients; help out in our offices and community events while achieving their Bright Futures Hours.


If you would like more information about Hospice volunteering, please call Volunteer Manager Lisa Gray at 352-742-6806 or toll free 888-728-6234, or email volunteering@cornerstonehospice.org.

Or you may call the Volunteer Specialist in your area.

Orange and Osceola: Diane Klebanow 407-304-2604 

Polk:  Carrie Hess: 863-242-9416

Highland & Hardee:Dorothy Harris 863-253-1611 

Lake County:    Bettie LoCicero  352-742-6827

Sumter County:    Kim Carter  352-455-6081

The Villages:    Mindi Pope  352-751-3104

Veterans Needed

Sewers Needed

Pet Therapy

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