Cornerstone Hospice is committed to providing the very best of care to each patient and family that we serve. Sometimes the need is beyond the scope of the services we are able to provide and a professional must be engaged.


Many times an issue will arise that requires the expertise of an attorney, financial planner, CPA, bank officer or other professional. If the patient or family is not acquainted with an individual that has the required expertise it can be very unnerving to hire an unknown into this position of trust.


Cornerstone Hospice has taken the time to interview a number of professionals across our coverage zone to come up with this list of Trusted Advisors.  By putting a name on our list Cornerstone is not recommending that individual, but rather we are stating that this person has demonstrated a history of:


  • Consistently putting the needs of the client before their own
  • Always doing what they believe to be in the best interest of the client
  • Deal with people fairly and honestly
  • Do not try and do work for which they are not qualified
  • They have an understanding of what the patient and family is going through during and after a terminal illness

Should you choose to work with someone that is listed and you do not feel like you were treated fairly we ask that you contact us so that we can take the appropriate action


If you are or know of a professional that should be on this list please contact Nick Buchholz, Executive Director, Cornerstone Hospice Foundation at