As we confront the challenges of the future, we know that the generosity of those who assist us will make all the difference in our success. That’s why Hospice seeks your support.

But we also want to make sure that You benefit from making a gift to us. How does this happen? Of course, you have the satisfaction that comes from knowing you've made a difference in the lives of others. But in fact, the best gift plans also improve the donor's financial and tax situation.

There are many ways that your philanthropic giving can blend with your own financial needs and tax planning. Listed below are some possibilities and opportunities for creative gift planning.

Current Will


  • Lets you provide for your family after your death.
  • Allows you to distribute your assets according to your wishes.
  • Saves on estate taxes, with proper planning.
  • Lets you leave a legacy without giving up assets now.

Living Trust


  • You or a beneficiary receives the income from the trust assets.
  • You are in charge, but a professional trustee does the detailed work.
  • You name who will ultimately receive the trust remainder.
  • The trust assets bypass probate, so the terms are private.

Life Insurance


  • Charitable deduction when you name Cornerstone Hospice as beneficiary and assign us ownership.
  • Flexibility through naming us beneficiary but keepingownership.
  • Security for your family by naming Hospice contingent beneficiary.
  • Reduction in estate taxes because proceeds are removed from your estate.

Real Estate


  • Income tax charitable deduction for the full fair market value.
  • Avoidance of tax on the property's appreciation.
  • No hassle from trying to sell the property.
  • No gift tax, plus a reduction of your taxable estate.



  • Income tax deduction for the charitable contribution.
  • No capitol gains tax on the appreciation in value.
  • No second tax on accumulated earnings by averting a
  • dividend distribution.
  • You maintain control of the corporation.

Charitable Remainder Annuity Trusts


  • A fixed and certain dollar income for life.
  • Immediate charitable deduction.
  • A way to increase income from a low yield holding.
  • Freedom from investment responsibilities.
  • Avoidance of capitol gains tax on appreciated assets used
  • to fund the trust.

Charitable Lead Trusts


  • Can be funded during your lifetime or through your will.
  • You support the Hospice mission through annual income payouts.
  • Reduces your taxable estate and potential gifts taxes.
  • Assets can be kept in the family.

Remember: all charitable gifts assist Cornerstone Hospice in providing care and services for an ever expanding older population, in addition to our younger patients. Our efforts must grow and keep pace with the needs of the seriously ill people Hospice serves each month.

Hospice Seeking Donors Of Real Estate

If you have been thinking about making a substantial gift to Cornerstone Hospice, perhaps you should consider Real Estate. A gift of cash or securities at this time may not be practical. Your personal residence, farm, vacation home, commercial property, or parcel of undeveloped land might be more suitable.

A present or future gift offers you the opportunity for valuable income tax and estate tax savings. You also can free yourself of burdensome management and problems involved in selling the property or leaving it to estate liquidation.

Whether we keep or sell the property, you will make a satisfying and enduring contribution to Hospice to benefit patients during their final journey of life.

For more information on how to give real estate, contact Nick Buchholz at (352) 742-6800, toll free at 888-728-6234, or e-mail at e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

A New And Easier Way To Donate Stocks And Mutual Funds

Cornerstone Hospice now offers a service provided by the Giving Center at Gift Processing Fund that accepts gifts of stocks and mutual funds online. It only takes five minutes to initiate a gift from our website 24/7. Your gift will be processed quickly and efficiently using this web-based technology powered by AssetStream. When the gift is completed, Sample Foundation will send the tax receipt to you and cash proceeds to us.

For assistance in making online stock gifts, or to initiate a stock gift over the telephone, please contact Nick Buchholz Foundation Executive Director at 352-742-6800, or e-mail