Employee Benefits
FT    PT   

Health Insurance
Eligible first day of the month following a 30-day waiting period.

Employee—portion paid by Hospice and employee’s co-pay
depends on plan selected and pay rate.
Dependent coverage – Employee pays above
for self plus additional dependent cost.


30+ hrs.
Retirement Plan  Available for all employees. X X
Other Insurances
Eligible first day of the month following a 30-day waiting period to purchase other insurances such as additional life, disability, dental, vision, cancer, long-term care and hospital  through payroll deduction at group rates.
 X  20+
Mileage is reimbursable.  X  X
Un-reimbursed FSA/HSA/Dependent Daycare (Section 125)
Pre-tax deductions
 X 30+
Life Insurance
$25,000, paid by Hospice 100%.
 X  30+

Paid Time Off
All inclusive of vacation, sick leave, holidays, personal time off.
Accrual begins on first day of employment; eligible to use
after 90-days of employment.
Must use one-half of accrual each year or lose portion not taken.

0-5 years = 29 days per year
6-10 years = 34 days per year
10 plus years = 39 days per year

*PTO’s are pro-rated for employees working 20-36 hours per pay period
 X  20+
Paid Time Off  Rollover
Employees are allowed to rollover a portion of PTO hours per year.
 X  X

Tuition Reimbursement  
$1,000 per year.  Pay back requirements include six months for every $1,000 spent.  Prorated for less than $1,000.  If time not worked, the employee would owe the money back to Hospice.

Professional certifications are reimbursed under the Educational Reimbursement program.  Bonuses are awarded depending on the degree or certification achieved.
 X  X
Employee Assistance Program
Three visits per year ($65 each) maximum paid by Hospice.
 X  X
Bereavement Leave   X  X
Military Leave   X  X
Jury Duty
Regular pay less any jury duty pay.
 X  X
The following Years of Service are recognized:
One, Five, Ten, Fifteen and Twenty
 X  X