Published July 17, 2012 in The Villages Daily Sun

By Patricia Steele


Shirley Lee served as a communications operator for the Naval Air Transport Command, instructing naval cadets in code, blinkers, and communications procedures.  When she wasn't working, she was co-author of two variety shows and a member of the base chorus.


Her children gathered recently to be with her during the final stages of her battle with cancer.  They were able to share her happiness as she was recognized by Cornerstone Salutes!   Hospice Volunteer, Colonel Paul Farineau presented Shirley with a pin for her service in World War II.  He also gave her an American Legion medal depicting women serving as radiomen during World War II.


Less than a week later, Shirley Lee lost her battle with cancer, surrounded by her children Jenny, Kathy, Scott, Laurie, Melody, and David.


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