The most important stories are those about our patients and their families. We've collected some of the most endearing to pass on you, mostly written by our staff. 


First Experience with Hospice

Mr. L's wife had been treated for cancer for eight years by a local physician.  When the end was near, the Doctor recommended Cornerstone Hospice and contacted them for Mr. and Mrs. L.  Cornerstone Hospice cared for Mr. and Mrs. L, as well as her son in the week before Mrs. L. died.  They did a lot for them without getting in the way, preserving their privacy.  They answered the questions about the dying process and procedures.  Hospice provided Mr. L. with lists of funeral homes, crematories, etc.  The best thing that Hospice did was the nursing care for Mrs. L.  They provided drugs, baths, beds and much needed advice.  This was the first experience with Cornerstone Hospice for Mr. L. and he wishes to share it with the general public.  Cornerstone enabled Mrs. L. to die peacefully in her own living room with her son and husband each holding one of her hands.  The services of Cornerstone Hospice were a godsend to Mr. L. and were provided at no cost. 
Thanks from Mr. L. and his son.


Much Needed Respite Care for Caregiver

When Mr. M was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome (group of cancers of the blood and marrow), Mrs. M thought she would be able to care for him at home until he passed away. After many weeks of trying to care for him, Mrs. M was exhausted. The primary nurse suggested that Mrs. M take the opportunity to have respite care provided for him in our Hospice house. Mrs. M. got the rest she needed, and was able to bring Mr. M home where he passed away several weeks later. Without the rest, Mrs. M. would not have been able to honor his wishes to pass at home.

-Hospice Nurse 


Peacefully at Home, not Hospital

Mrs. J was a 39-year-old with pancreatic cancer. She was married with three young daughters, 16, 13, and 11. Utilizing the services of crisis care, children’s counseling, and chaplain services, the RN and SW were able to manage Mrs. J’s pain and anxiety at home with IV pain medications and palliative sedation. She was able to pass away in her own home with her family at her side instead of in a hospital filled with strangers.

-Hospice Nurse


Patient was supported at home

Mrs. E was an 81 year old lady with severe Alzheimer’s disease. She was bedbound and was cared for by her daughters. Because of the care of the HHA (nursing aide), nurse and social worker, we were able to support the family and have patient at home until she passed.  Otherwise she would have been placed in a nursing facility.

-Linda, Hospice Nurse