“When my mother was told she had cancer 2 years ago, my Dad was told to contact Hospice. He called Cornerstone at the Villages. Joe and Tina and the team of nurses cared for my mother till the end. They treated her with dignity and care that is second to none.  Now 2 years later my Dad was in need for their care one more time. He was told that he also had cancer. Thank God the same team was there to respond to my fathers needs.  Again Joe, Tina and the crew of Hospice was there to do what they are trained to do. They took my Dad to there beautiful facility when the time came and gave him round the clock care until he passed. Never was my Dad in pain, he was always cared for and anything he needed he received.  I am not one for words as you can tell but I can say I owe these people far more than I can give. Joe and Tina I want to say that God picked two of the most beautiful people to perform his work and I love you both for what you have done to comfort our family in our time of need.  Thank you all so very much God bless you all."-Ralph