Published in The Daily Commercial Letters to the Editor, January 21, 2012, Leesburg, Florida


Our family would like to write this letter regarding the loving care and treatment that we received from Cornerstone Hospice when our mother was under their care.


When Cornerstone Hospice began caring for our mother, its employees were very patient and helpful in answering any questions that we had as a family.  They sent full-time nurses to our home the first weekend, and the nurses were very nice in making our family feel comfortable with the treatment that our mother was receiving.  They stayed with us until we felt confident that we could give our mother the level of care that she needed and deserved.


Our mother was under the care of Cornerstone Hospice for more than 10 months and received the best care that was available.  A Cornerstone Hospice nurse would come by every week to make sure our mother was comfortable, and to check on us as a family as well.


The nurses at Cornerstone Hospice truly care about their patients and the patient's family.  Our family always felt like we were educated in the treatment that our mother was receiving, as well as the journey that was ahead for our mother in her fight with her illness.


When our mother passed, Cornerstone Hospice employees were there to offer us any help that we needed as a family in dealing with the loss of our mother.  They offered counseling services for our family, and they helped with guiding us through a very tough time in our lives.   Cornerstone Hospice employees not only care for the patient, they also care for the patient's family as well.  We feel that without Cornerstone Hospice, we would not have been able to give our mother the care that she needed and deserved.  Cornerstone Hospice went above and beyond our expectations, and for this we are forever grateful to them for their services to our family in our time of need.