June 2011


Please permit me to take this opportunity to express sincere gratitude for myself and my entire family for services rendered to us by your organization.  One is never prepared for the passing of a loved one, as was the case with the loss of my husband, Rudolph.  However, the "Blue Team" of Cornerstone Hospice made what is generally viewed as a completely sorrowful and negative experience one of compassion and love.


There are so many good things that can be said about our experience with your agency, but if I had to limit it to a few points I would have to say that it was clear that all staff members were completely knowledgeable and professional, compassionate and caring, where the needs of both patient and family were concerned, and respecful of the needs and wishes of all involved.


There has not been a day since my husband's passing that I have not been reminded of at least one of the kind acts of your Blue Team.  I speak for myself and my family when I say they taught us how to better understand the process of death and how to make it easier for our loved one to feel free to "go home."  Please accept a sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU from the whole family.  You will never be forgotten.