June 2011


Dear Cornerstone Hospice,


I would like to send you a note of extreme praise and thankfulness for all the care and support you provided for my Mother during my Father's final days in Florida.  The help given to my Mother and Father in my absence will never by forgotten.  My Mom was getting extremely tired from caring for my Father, an Alzheimer's patient of 9 years.  Even though Mom was an excellent caregiver, at 80 years of age, she was becoming extremely tired when Hospice "saved us all!"


They sat with Dad to give Mom a break, provided some therapy for him, taught Mom some tips to make his care easier, brought medicine and supplies to the house, and walked her through the final stages of his disease without fear and with a peaceful knowledge of his last days.  With me being 18 hours away, it helped me to know Mom was not alone at this time. 


Thank you, thank you, thank you and God bless you all,