“My brother passed away (recently) at the Lane Purcell Hospice House. I wanted to thank the staff for the kind and expert care he received. I could not be there every day as I live in Chicago, but the few days I spent there really left me with a sense of relief that I could go back home when I had to and that not only my brother was well cared for but so were my parents who sat with him every day until the end.   I especially want to thank Toni and Bea for going that extra mile. Our entire family thanks them from the bottom of our hearts. Those two women really make a difference, and I really want them to know that they did for our family. Also there were three staff members who went way above and beyond to give my brother a shower when he really was just way too weak to actually take one. I am sorry I do not know the names of those three people, But that shower meant everything to my brother and I really want to acknowledge them for that.  If there is an award for exceptional service you all deserve it! Please know that we truly appreciate each and everyone and the roll you all play in making this as easy for all of us as anyone could. I cannot imagine that my brother could have gotten better care anywhere else.  Thank you so much for all you do."- Susan