I would like to send a special thank you to your staff regarding the care of my father, Normand, and the special care of my mother, Virginia, for the spiritual, mental, and well-being concern you showed them both and my family.  A special thank you to Isaac for providing the spiritual comfort at this difficult time.  Your singing of Amazing Grace to Mom was a blessing and a comfort.  To Wendy, Dad's nurse,- he looked forward to seeing you always and loved your laugh; it made his day.  To Caroline for silly jokes that made Dad laugh.  And to Cherry for all the counselling and taking time to listen to EVERYTHING no matter what it was about.  To Hope - thank you for all you did to help and guide Mom the morning Dad passed.  You all were a blessing and a comfort to both Mom and Dad.  You all are proof that angels walk among us.  You all will be remembered in our thoughts and prayers.


Thank you again,


Lewis and Kelly