About Our Pediatric Care in Central Florida

At Cornerstone Hospice, we provide compassionate care for our youngest patients and their families. Our care is centered on the belief that each of us has the right to live pain-free with the highest quality of life, at any age. Because children respond differently to illness and treatment, we offer a unique, customized plan for each child in our loving care.

To ensure the highest quality of care, our pediatric specialists have developed an organized method for delivering the utmost in comprehensive, compassionate, and consistent pain and symptom management to children and their families facing life-threatening conditions.

Each child’s individual treatment is planned and delivered through the collaborative efforts of an interdisciplinary team along with the child, family and caregivers. Together, we agree on a plan of care that will enhance the child’s quality of life and relieve suffering for the child, family members and other significant people in the child’s life.

By minimizing suffering, we allow children to do the things they love for as long as they are able.