Professional Grief Support in Central Florida

Professional Grief Support in Central Florida

Community Bereavement

In loss, grief is a companion to love. When someone we love dies, we may feel many different emotions. Some feel sad, others numb. There can be guilt and even anger. Normal grieving is different for everyone, and with Cornerstone Hospice, no one needs to experience grief alone.

Cornerstone Hospice offers bereavement services to anyone experiencing grief due to the loss of a loved one, whether or not our hospice services were used. Our bereavement counselors provide both individual and group sessions, at no charge, to those who are mourning a loss. We accept referrals from sources that include local law enforcement, the judiciary, schools, churches, and from friends and family members of those who need help coping with loss.

For more information about bereavement services, please call our Bereavement Department at (888) 728-6234. We can also be reached by email through

Hospice Patient and Family Grief Support

At the time of admission into Cornerstone Hospice care, patients and families receive information about our bereavement programs. It is not necessary to wait until after the death of a loved one to begin dealing with grief and loss issues. Patients, as well as loved ones, can benefit from expressing emotions related to grief and loss and our social workers and bereavement staff are ready and able to offer guidance through this difficult time.

After a loved one passes away, friends and family members can meet with a bereavement counselor in individual sessions, or can attend a group where they can benefit from the support of others who have experienced a similar loss. Whatever one chooses, the Cornerstone Hospice Bereavement Staff is standing by to help. One does not have to grieve alone.

For further information, please call (888) 728-6234 or email