Jewish Services

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Personal habits and traditions can be of significant comfort for someone – patient and family – going through the end stage of life. This is especially true for hospice patients who come from the Jewish tradition. Judaic customs and beliefs are very specific and can vary depending on which background – Orthodox, Conservative or Reform – the patient ascribes to.


Cornerstone Hospice takes its responsibilities to the Jewish community very seriously. We are one of only a few hospice providers in Central Florida – one of only 50 in the nation – to be accredited by the National Institute for Jewish Hospice (NIJH)  and we are careful to renew that accreditation every year. We have been accredited since November 2013. The NIJH provides us access to yearly updates on how best to treat the Jewish terminally ill, new materials when they apply and a direct resource for resolving any questions about Jewish law that may arise.


Cornerstone staff and volunteers receive training every year in the beliefs and traditions that pertain to hospice care for our Jewish patients:

• How to administer nutrition and hydration

• How to provide therapies for palliative care

• When and how to provide medicinal intervention

• The Jewish Living Will

• And the specific rituals required by Jewish law upon and immediately after death.